Like many of you, we have been betting on sports for years, and have used many of the existing handicapping services, only to be disappointed with both the results and level of service. So we decided that we want to do it better!

Our mission is simple, we help sports bettors figure out, What is my Bet?

The goal of our team at WhatisMyBet?: To give the growing betting public a place to come for professional handicapping information, provided by an experienced, skilled, and competent team with proven success.

  • We’re based in Las Vegas, Nevada a block from the sports action in Downtown Las Vegas
  • A simple user friendly easy to navigate site that is crisp yet informative
  • We’ve created simple, user-friendly site that gives bettors the valuable tools needed to become more knowledgeable and successful
  • This includes an important daily news and  a community of successful sports bettors

While our skilled team is unique and continues to grow, below are more details about two featured handicappers and the leaders of our company:

his-pickCraig The Capper:
  • The leader and visionary of WhatisMyBet?
  • Over 20+ successful years in the industry as a professional sports handicapper
  • Derives success from years of operational and financial experience where the ability to obtain key data points, analyze those data points, and summarize the meaning of those data points is critical to success
  • Is one of few professional handicappers that is on the ground with the team involved in hours of the data and analytics process that properly predicts a successful outcome
  • The huge amount of data available to bettors today is part of the problem to being successful.  He understands what data is important, how to obtain that data, how to analyze that data and summarize the proper hypothesis is the key to success
  • Has knowledge of and experience to analyze not only key game metrics that are important but also the flow of money into the system; specifically the flow of public bettors versus professional and syndicate bettors. From identification of those money flows, the differences between those betting groups and how to use that information
  • Is surrounded by a very multi skilled and competent team in all aspects of running a sports handicapping business including web design, electronic marketing, data input, data analysts, professional handicappers and promotional community groups
  • Promotes a company of honesty, competency, customer focused and execution while promoting a simple, crisp, fun and energetic environment that promotes success and outside the box idea brainstorming
  • Is well known in many key sports community groups and discussions, is very visible in the Las Vegas sports community and can be seen in many of the key sports casinos. Often seen in Whatismybet? promotional attire stop and say hello and lets talk sports!


her-pickLisa Diaz:
  • With Whatismybet? for 12 years
  • Manages and delivers data analysis to our customers daily
  • Expert in the sports handicapping business and process including decision making selections seen in community forum discussions and here on the Whatismybet?Those that have had the fortune of running into her know she can talk sports and has knowledge of the sports handicapping business more than most men.
  • Her specialty is NHL handicapping, with no other person surpassing her depth of knowledge of the sport or betting on that sport
  • Quickly becoming one of the key woman faces, voices, and writers in the sports handicapping business. Is the main face of Whatismybet? driving much of the communication processes of the company for the team today
  • Her goal is to prove that women can be successful in this business as key leaders. Has extreme passion for the business and our customers but also the sports betting community and expansion of that business. As a result has been involved in topic discussions on expansion of sports betting nationally around legalization, mutual fund syndication development and fantasy sport business growth and ties to the overall industry growth. Involvement and visibility in the business are her drivers
  • Seen daily on most of the sports betting community electronic discussion boards externally and internally at Whatismybet? and Twitter discussion comments driving daily opinions in the sports handicapping world
  • Seen often in Las Vegas at key events and sports casinos running daily business and promotional events. An encounter with her is a can’t miss opportunity, but fair-warning you better know your stuff should you talk sports!

Our team has developed a unique sports betting formula which combines both computer algorithm and human curation.  Our experts watch teams and analyze a number of factors then our algorithm is used to measure and give support to a side in the game.