WhatIsMyBet? Goes 4-1 Sunday’s Free Plays! Wins Red Sox To Go 12-2 Last 14 MLB

WhatIsMyBet? Continues to be RED HOT with yet another big NFL weekend ending with the Kansas City Chiefs DOG win. Members end up 7-3 for the day that included yet another MLB playoff win with the Boston Red Sox.

     To think about that for a minute that’s 15-5 in the last 20 NFL games a very few have achieved if any over the last two weeks.  If not impressive itself the handicappers at WhatIsMyBet? add on to that with a 12-2 MLB playoff run the last 14 playoff games.  Are you kidding me those combined are 27-7 in the last two weeks alone.  Did any other bettors or Handicappers even pick 34 games in that span of time let alone have a 27-7 record? We doubt it. All of these are publicized on our site and validated by Cappertek and is no doubt why our memberships are drastically on the rise!
     One of the things we pride ourselves in is our Forum Board articles and FREE player picks.  We have many bettors join our Forum Board daily and is really the way we communicate with hundreds and hundreds of bettors daily.  Unlike most handicapping sites that just promote FREE plays and throw anything up just to attract you to the site we pride ourselves in assuring we give solid FREE plays that win for our future potential members. As a result today we go 4-1 in our FREE plays that included Boston Red Sox, NY Jets, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys as eventual winners. Does anyone even give out 5 FREE plays let alone go 4-1 in them? The answer is NO!
     So tonight we celebrate again and get ready for the week ahead which will include more and more the NHL season which we are now 7-3 in the last 10 games. NHL and NBA are long every night seasons where big money can be made and most handicappers  don’t even have in their competency capability.
     Sports betting can be a life changing financial opportunity for those that embrace and act in the new opportunities due to recent regulation changes.
The time is now to grab that opportunity and act on it to realize true profits few other alternatives offer. And when you feel you may need a little professional help in those travels the Team at WhatIsMyBet? is ready, willing and able to be at your side!