WhatIsMyBet? Puts 12-2 MLB Playoff Record On Line Monday With FREE Pick! See WHO & WHY:

WhatIsMyBet? Continues to be HOT in the MLB playoffs now 12-2 last 14 MLB playoff games. No wonder Forum Board and Memberships are on the rise! If you are betting MLB playoffs no better place to come than WhatIsMyBet?.com! Great Monday of MLB NFL NHL betting NOW is the time to become a member as many are doing today! Why? Well lets look at just a recent few trends from WhatIsMyBet?:

12-2 Last 14 MLB Playoff Games

15-5 Last 20 NFL Games

7-3 Last 10 NHL Games

In addition to the FREE MLB pick Members will get Tonight the NFL MNF game San Fran v Green Bay and whatever NHL picks we have.. already one has been identified.

We find it interesting with the number of calls and email we get from the average sports bettors that seeks our advice daily. Many are seeking our pick advice or validating other services picks before they bet. However, many are exploring ways in which they can learn how to bet on their own or at least understand the betting market enough to get clarity on the WHY of a betting pick selection.

The fact is that being a full-time sports handicapper and all that goes into that is difficult to accomplish for the average bettors. The volume of games, extensive data analysis, betting market tools required, market research, and just overall time and expense required is daunting to many. That’s why average sports bettors depend on sports handicapping services, but many want to have at least some understanding of how to bet or why they are betting a game so they can stand on their own including how to interpret the betting market on a game.

Our company differentiates itself in taking the time to educate our customers on how to be successful as much as giving out consistent winning plays daily.
That’s a key reason why we have so many followers in various media channels that are consistent with us and trust us. So we took on the task on how we could create a simple way for average bettors to use a system that was simple, could deliver results and helped them understand the betting marketplace activity and pick selection decisions.
In the purest form of the betting marketplace you generally have two segments of bettors:

The Average Public: Non educated public betting consensus that bets from public perception, media perception, a go with the masses mentality that is influenced by hype, the overall current feeling of the masses and little on match-ups or general game facts. This segment is not only how Vegas wins money, much money, but how Vegas lines are established and moved to feed into the average public opinion.

Smart Money & Pros: This segment of bettors has time, energy and expense built into their pick selection. They spend time and money on betting tools available in the market such as data analysis, social media, news media, consensus data, casino betting percentages, and historical line moves to name a few. They specifically focus on match-up data which is a key driver to picking winners. They select via factual information only concentrate on value and profitability and are often found opposite the side of the average public opinion in those profit value scenarios.

So given we know there are two very different segments of bettors and their overall winning success, how can we use that to identify marketplace opportunities quickly? Good question!

Over the many years that WhatIsMyBet? Has been in existence we established a marketplace model known as Early $ Heat Index. The general theory of the model identifies and separates the two key bettor segments we discussed…..the average public bettor vs. smart money & pro bettors. Early $ Heat Index is compiled of 10-15 key marketplace sources that identify very early betting trending at two very early monitoring points. This early trending is an indication of how the overall market will move forward. The data results are then compared to a historical performance model to identify pick selection opportunity by likely win percentage.

So let’s just summarize:

– There are two very different betting segments
– You want to focus on and identify smart money & pro betting segments
– Early $ Heat Index built by WhatIsMyBet? does that
– The index focuses on two early betting move trends using 10-15 marketplace resources
– The identified trend is applied to a historical performance model to establish profitable opportunity scenarios
– This is a simple way the average bettor can leverage factual marketplace data to understand the WHY by those in the smart money & pro betting segments
– An added benefit is these selections are clear often days before the game is played letting bettors capitalize and maximize best spread and money line scenarios thus increasing profit opportunities

Let’s take a look at how the Early $ Heat Index used as part of the overall WhatIsMyBet? Monday Strategy:

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers

Early Lines
Dodgers -163 money line
Brewers +153 money line
Closing/Current Lines
Dodgers -184 money line
Brewers +160 money line

*Note significant change is often impacting profit potential. Early knowledge of pick maximizes profit potential here.

Early $ Heat Index Defined:*High volume betting games have two early betting points to analyze which clearly show the delta between public and smart money volume. Comparing those differences to historical performance gives you an early edge and confidence to select the winner!

Early $ Heat Index For Game:

Average Public Bettor= 67% Betting Trend Los Angeles Dodgers
Smart $ & Pro Bettor= 33% Betting Trend Milwaukee Brewers
Historical Performance Results: Milwaukee Brewers wins at 65% probability percentage
WhatIsMyBet? Selection: Yes. Milwaukee Brewers money line
Final Results: Pending

**It appears that everyone has given up on the Brewers after the most recent home loss. Line very high at -184 and climbing puts much risk on the Los Angeles Dodgers and much profit potential on the Milwaukee Brewers. In fact, in some places already the public is betting both money line and run line as high as 70-80% clip! We see this as a tight series and would not rule out a Brewers series victory in the end. Outside the line and public betting percentages that tie to the Early $ Heat Index we have Chacin at 15-8 pitching for Brewers tonight + that excellent bullpen and what I expect to be extreme management focus on getting the lead back from an excellent management group there are many reasons not to fold on the Brewers yet. And we wont either putting our 12-2 recent MLB playoff record on the line toning with the Brewers at BIG DOG prices!

We hope this article and these live examples energize and bring excitement to your betting profitability opportunities. WhatIsMyBet? Has been sports handicapping for 25+ years now and offered the following to its customers:

– The team of professional handicappers in the sports betting industry for over two decades now
– Home of the famous LisaDCapper one of the best known and the most proven female handicapper in the business
– Consistency in the selection of winners monitored by CapperTek Pro
– Focuses on the best profitable opportunities often in DOG positions to maximize profits
– Offers industry training and critical betting strategy articles to the betting public
– Periodic blogs and social media input including FREE post and pre-game pick analysis
– Extensive involvement daily on several social media platforms engaged in professional opinion discussions
– Offers pick selections with like consistent results on all major sports all year not just football critical to maximizing daily profits over the entire course of a year
– Offering daily ($10) or monthly ($100) memberships where members receive all our daily selections at an industry reasonable cost

We appreciate your time, look forward to you being a customer and enjoyed the article!

WhatIsMyBet? Management.